Direct Charge Information for Districts

Contact the Property Tax Division by phone (530) 621-5470, ext. 4 or email


Letters & Notices

2024/25 Direct Charge Levy Information/Instructions/Checklist, dated 5/17/24

2024/25 ParcelQuest Group Order Notice, dated 4/3/2024

Caldor Fire Letter to Direct Charges Districts, dated 11/1/21

AB 2476 New Mailing Notification Requirements, dated 10/20/2016

AB 2109 New Reporting Requirements to State for Districts with Special Taxes, dated 12/8/2014

Special Taxes & Bond Accountability Act - Compilation of Who Reported 2014/15, dated 12/8/2014

Bill Separation Process - for Districts Collecting Tax Bill Levies Directly from the Taxpayer, dated 10/31/2014

Statewide Legal Decision Regarding "Uniformity" of Special Taxes, dated 5/1/2014

Forms (Fillable PDF)

Direct Charge Levy - Error Correction Form

ParcelQuest Group Order Form (Lien Date Secured Assessment Roll Plus Other Assessor Data)

Links & Lookups

Exhibits (referred to by other items from this page)

1 - Direct Charge Data Upload Format(PDF, 161KB)
2 - Sample of Direct Charge Enrollment Confirm-Reject Memo(PDF, 108KB)

Manuals & Instructions

  • Direct Charges Manual(PDF, 2MB) (revised June 2021)
    Includes specific and routine information related to the submission, correction, collection, and reporting of Direct Charges. To be used in conjunction with the Exhibits and Forms.
  • Sample Instructions(PDF, 1MB)
    For districts using ParcelQuest's DVD + Excel + Word to produce a file of direct charges for submission by August 10th of each year to the Auditor for inclusion on the current year tax roll. This document is not up-to-date with the current version of ParcelQuest or the new property tax system. However, the basic principles remain the same.

Reports & Publications