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General Information

City and district boundaries throughout the entire State are maintained by the State Board of Equalization via the Tax Rate Area (TRA) system. This includes districts whose boundaries cross county lines (inter-county districts). Every piece of real property in the State is assigned to a TRA. A Tax Rate Area (TRA) identifies a specific geographic area comprising a unique combination of districts/cities for the current fiscal year (R&T §95(g)). El Dorado County currently has over 400 active TRAs. TRAs may be effective for certain tax years and not others. Each tax year is unique and individual.

TRAs in El Dorado County have a numerical format of XXX-XXX, in which the first three digits (primary) represent the elementary/unified school district OR the incorporated city. Please note TRAs don't provide information on specific school attendance areas within a school district (intra-district boundaries). The intra-district boundaries are maintained by the individual school district, and subject to potential change at the school district board's discretion. Please contact the school district to confirm a specific property's school district and/or school of attendance.

TRAs are also used for a variety of other uses, including:

  • Determine to which Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) to apply voter-approved general obligation debt service (G/O bonds)
  • Determine how much new General Tax (1% Proposition 13) revenue each district receives (via a State required formula for property tax distribution)
  • Determine the annual Assessed Valuation totals for each district
  • Commonly used by districts as part of the process to administer their Direct Charges (non-value based items)
  • Used by Elections Department to assist in determining the appropriate "districts" for voters

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