Deputy Commissioner of Marriage Program

El Dorado County offers the public an opportunity to perform a "Civil" Marriage Ceremony for friends, relatives, etc. The program consists of coming to our office in person and requesting the "Deputy for a Day" program. 

You will be instructed, which takes about 15 - 20 minutes, in performing the actual ceremony, fill out information forms required to be sworn in as a Deputy Marriage Commissioner, be sworn in as a Deputy Marriage Commissioner, and given a sample ceremony.

  • Please fill out the following application prior to your arrival:  "DEPUTY COMMISSIONER FOR A DAY" APPLICATION
  • You will be instructed in filling out the Marriage License, returning the license, and your other duties regarding the license.
  • This deputization is for one ceremony at one place, one appointed time which you will be required to enter on the forms.
  • The fee for this program is $50.00.

If you have additional questions regarding this program, please contact our office at (530) 621-5490.