Vital Records (Birth, Death, & Marriage)

Married in South Lake Tahoe?

Please read the following.

If you were married in South Lake Tahoe, it is important to identify if you were married in California or Nevada. If you were married at the Chapel of the Bells, Emerald Bay or on the South Lake Tahoe Shoreline, you were married in California.

If you were married at Love Chapel or a Casino, you were married in Nevada. Under Nevada Law, marriage license indexes are available for public review online. You may wish to check Washoe County Recorder's records or Douglas County Recorder's records before requesting a copy of your marriage license.

If you placed an order for a certified copy and we do not have the record, you will be charged for the number of certified copies you have requested and received a "Letter of No Record" in their place.

Three Ways to Obtain a Certified Copy of a Vital Record

In Person

If you would like to obtain your Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate by coming into one of our office locations, you will need to complete an application and schedule an appointment. Please use the links below:


With a credit card - additional fees apply

New and improved! Our vendor now is able to verify identification online (No longer do you need to go to a notary public). Please visit and follow the steps.

By Mail

With a money order or cashier's check

If you desire to purchase a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate by mail:

  • You will need to download the form available on this site:
  • You will need to sign both the Sworn Statement (and sign under penalty of perjury), and have the Certificate of Acknowledgment notarized if you want a certified copy. (As an authorized person)
  • All these forms must be mailed to the El Dorado County Recorder-Clerk office along with the proper fee.
  • Please note the instructions for requesting an “Informational” copy. You only need to fill out the Applicant and Registrant portions, and send the proper fee.
  • If we receive only the Applicant and Registrant portion filled out, we will keep the fee and send you an “Informational” copy.
  • Only “Authorized Persons” are required to fill out the perjury and acknowledgement forms. You will receive a certified copy for your records.

Disclaimer: If you pay by personal check, there is a 15 working day hold.