Weights and Measures

The Department's Division of Weights and Measures is responsible for local enforcement of California's Weights and Measures laws and regulations. Our mission is to provide inspection services which maintain the standards of measurement essential in providing a basis of value comparison and fair competition in the marketplace. In order to achieve this mission, the division conducts the following programs:

Weighing and Measuring Device Inspection

The purpose of this function is to ensure the accuracy of commercial weighing and measuring devices such as supermarket checkout scales, gasoline pumps, and large capacity vehicle scales.

Quantity Control

This program is designed to verify quantities of bulk and pre-packaged commodities. The division enforces laws and regulations relative to the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act to minimize deceptive labeling problems. The program also includes price verification of commercial retail product scanners. Each year the division receives many complaints regarding the purchase of bulk firewood. To ensure that you receive full value for your firewood purchase, please refer to the information below.


The weighmaster program assures that commercial transactions based upon quantities certified are accurate. Weighmasters are individuals or firms who weigh, measure or count bulk commodities and issue certified weighmaster certificates.

Petroleum Products 

The division enforces minimum quality standards for most automotive products such as; gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, and antifreeze. The program also regulates the advertising, sale, and labeling of these products.

Consumer Information

Industry Information 2022-Device-Reg-Fee-Schedule-Rev.pdf(PDF, 187KB)