Residential Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Pre-Reviewed Plans for an Accessory Dwelling Unit Program

The Pre-Reviewed Plans for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Program is part of the County of El Dorado’s effort to encourage and accommodate housing needs in the unincorporated communities of the County. The Program serves as the foundation for the implementation of the County’s housing strategy to develop, and offer free of charge, prototype plans for ADUs to reduce permit costs and encourage housing options affordable to lower income households.

With the assistance of a consultant, the County developed pre-reviewed ADU plans.  These plans are downloadable and available for free to the public. With these pre-reviewed plans, rough construction costs can be obtained, and the feasibility of the project determined before incurring substantial costs. The plans have been designed and reviewed to ensure compliance with the California Building Code, County ordinances, and local amendments, standards, and policies. These ADU plans are considered approvable by the County’s Building Division, which supports a streamlined permit process and potential savings on preconstruction fees. The parcel specific site plan, solar photovoltaic design, and fire sprinkler design (if applicable) will have to be prepared by others and be reviewed as part of the submittal documents.

All users of the ADU plans are required to sign the County’s Hold Harmless Agreement for Pre-Reviewed Plans for an Accessory Dwelling Unit.  If the recipient of the ADU plans does not accept the conditions of use, the recipient of the ADU plans is not authorized to use the ADU plans. Under this pre reviewed program, no revisions, substitutions, or modifications are allowed.


For questions regarding Solar Energy and Fire Sprinkler requirements, please review HCD’s ADU handbook HERE

For questions regarding the following, please contact the Planning Department HERE

  • Is an ADU allowed on my property?
  • What are the setback requirements for an ADU?
  • Can I rent the ADU, or does it have to be occupied by family?
  • Is additional parking require for an ADU?
  • How many ADU’s are allowed?


Questions regarding septic system design requirements can be address by the Environmental Management Unit. HERE


Questions regarding fire flow requirements and water supply access, please consult your local Fire District. HERE


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AB 2234 Requirements

AB 2234 requires local jurisdictions to publish an online checklist for applications to be deemed complete and maintain this checklist online for the public.  An ideal application sample must be included in this checklist, which developers can then use as a reference.  AB 2234 will apply to nearly all post-entitlement, residential permits issued by an agency under the control of the local jurisdiction, excluding utilities, special districts, and the Coastal Commission.

Examples of an Ideal Application and Required Detail Information

Application and Detailed Lists Specifying Information Required for Submittal of Post Entitlement Permits