Planning and Building Liaison

For questions regarding building fee estimates and costs related to building permits, please contact Building Services:

530-621-5315 for the Placerville office for the South Lake Tahoe office

for more information about the process of obtaining a building permit CLICK HERE 

For an inspection request:


For questions regarding zoning and parcel development, please contact Planning Services:


For questions regarding plot sales at County-operated cemeteries or cemetery information, please contact Cemetery Administration:


For questions regarding the Placerville or Georgetown Airport, fee schedule, or hangar availability, please contact Airports:


California's codes and regulations can be challenging. We understand that not everyone is familiar with the rules and processes involved. Our Liaison position was created to help our customers through these processes and to bring resolution to issues that may arise.

Reasons to contact the liaison:

**Comments.  Feedback.  Assistance. **

  • If you need help in the application process
  • If you are experiencing difficulty in the permitting process or getting a permit issued
  • If you are receiving conflicting information from staff or other County agencies
  • If you don’t understand the requirements for your submittal
  • If you have questions regarding the review/inspection process

For further assistance please contact the liaison at or at 530-621-5595.

You can also leave comments and feedback via our online Customer Service Questionnaire