Apache Underground District

Project Summary

The Apache Underground District Project is a proposed project to replace approximately 0.4 miles of existing overhead utility lines along Apache Avenue, between East San Bernardino Avenue and U.S. Highway 50. Under the Rule 20.A utility program and through consultation with the Utility companies and the public, the County will determine whether undergrounding of the utilities is in the general public interest. A public hearing will be held at a future date before this determination is made.

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Project Schedule

Item Anticipated Start Date
Board adoption of Apache UUD April 3, 2018
Design Complete Summer 2018
Advertise and Bid Winter 2018
Construct Project Summer 2019
Re-establish lines underground Summer 2020
Remove Poles Fall 2020

Contact Information

Project Manager:
Daniel Kikkert, P.E.
Sr. Civil Engineer
(530) 573-7914

Liberty Utilities
Project Lead
Andrew Gregorich
Associate Planner

Curtis and Sons, Inc.
PO Box 2911
Minden, NV 89423