Applications and Forms

In a continuing effort to go paperless, Development Services has reduced the required number of paper copies for application submittal. We are in the process of updating all of the application forms. Please note that regardless of the number of copies currently indicated in the checklists below, Development Services requires a maximum of five copies of each item plus one CD with electronic files in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Notice: Submittal of the materials required in these application packets does not necessarily constitute a complete application for purposes of the California Permit Streamlining Act; the County may require further submittals or clarification of materials in order for staff to begin processing the project; if so, you will receive a letter stating what additional material(s) must be submitted.

Unless otherwise provided in state law or County Code, all application documents and materials submitted to the Planning and Building Department are uploaded to the publicly accessible e-Trakit program and may be subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act.

If this is a discretionary project (a project considered by the Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission, and/or Board of Supervisors), the application will need to be deemed Complete for processing before the environmental review of the project can be started in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). In order to prepare an environmental document to comply with CEQA, the County may require the applicant to submit additional information or studies after the application has been deemed “Complete” for processing.

Public Hearing Notification Requirements

Development Projects may be subject to increased public notification requirements pursuant to Ordinance 5026(PDF, 2MB), effective October 16, 2015. Please consult with a County Planner during application intake or processing for additional information.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Parking Requirements

See California State Standards. State standards supersede County ADA standards.