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This page hosts planning and archives documents for across El Dorado County. This resource is available as a comprehensive overview of planning and development initiatives in El Dorado County.

General Plan

El Dorado County General Plan
State planning law requires every County to adopt and maintain a "blueprint" for development throughout the county: a General Plan. Learn about our General Plan or review important updates and amendments to the Plan below.

El Dorado County General Plan

General Plan Safety Element Update (2022)

El Dorado County is in the process of updating its Public Health, Safety, and Noise Element (Safety Element).This update focuses on health and safety concerns in unincorporated areas and serves as a long-term safety planning framework.

Targeted General Plan Amendment & Zoning Ordinance Update (TGPA-ZOU)
In 2015, the County completed the Targeted General Plan Amendment and Zoning Ordinance Update (TGPA-ZOU) Project which included several focused amendments to the General Plan and a comprehensive update to the County's aging Zoning Ordinance. 

Bio Policy Update
In 2017, The County completed the General Plan Biological Resources Policy Update Project to update and clarify the General Plan's biological resource policies, objectives, and implementation measures.

Development and Land Use

Development Agreements
Learn about development agreements across El Dorado County.

Local Land Use Plans
Review Airport Land Use Plans, Community Plans, and Specific Plans used to guide development in El Dorado County.

Development Standards and Design Guidelines
Discover standards and guidelines for development and design in El Dorado County.

Proposed Specific Plans
Learn about Specific Plans at Central El Dorado Hills, Lime Rock Valley, and Village of Marble Valley.

You can also review the draft for the Oak Woodland Management Plan (2007).


Frequently Asked Questions - Planning
Explore common questions for planning across El Dorado County.

Long Range Planning
The Long Range Planning team assists the Board of Supervisors in developing complex land use plans, policies, ordinances, and programs. Their work involves balancing economic, social, and environmental interests in making diverse land use decisions.