Land Survey Program

We are here to serve El Dorado County. As the County Surveyor, we survey lands owned by El Dorado County at the request of the Board of Supervisors, and we aim to serve residents and professionals to the best extent possible.

Assisting Professional Surveyors

Only professional Land Surveyors are legally authorized to practice land surveying in California. These land surveyors must be licensed by the State Board for Professional Engineers, or a civil engineer registered prior to 1982.

These professionals are required by State Law to make permanent county records of surveys they perform for their clients. Their clients might be private landowners, developers, and local state or federal agencies.

The County Surveyor checks and processes maps, documents and applications that the land surveyors prepare. These include:

  • Subdivision and Parcel Maps
  • Record of Surveys
  • Corner Records
  • Lot Line Adjustments
  • Property Merges
  • Summary Abandonment of Easements
  • Boundary Exhibit maps
  • Documents for Local Jurisdictions Including School Fire, Utility and Community Service Districts

Assisting Professional Developers

When an application for development is submitted to Development Services, it is forwarded to the Surveyor's Office.

The Surveyor's office reviews the project to identify any concerns of the project and help ensure that the owner/developer is aware of any additional mapping or recording process that might be required.

Assisting Residents of El Dorado County

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, our survey staff can prepare simple aerial exhibits showing approximate parcel lines. If you need a more complex and detailed map, our GIS staff can assist you.

Although the County Surveyor is not in the business of surveying privately held lands, we are here to try and answer questions the public has about land surveying. Please call us if you have a surveying question or need help locating recorded maps of your property.

The Surveyor's Office process applications for Summary Abandonment of Easements and most Irrevocable Offers of Dedication.

When does a land owner need to hire a private surveyor?

On privately owned property, a private licensed surveyor or engineer is required in order to:

  • Survey Your Boundary
  • Set Missing Corners
  • Create Parcel Maps and Records of Survey Maps
  • Establish Setbacks From Property Lines or Easements
  • Conduct Topographic or Construction Surveys
  • Determine Flood Plain Information for FEMA
  • Write Property or Easement Descriptions
  • Process Boundary Line Adjustments
  • Process Abandonments of Easements
  • Process Irrevocable Offers of Dedication
  • Interpret Deeds
  • Research Complicated Parcel History

Private Surveyors & Engineers

If you're looking for a list of private surveyors and engineers(PDF, 169KB) licensed in California, please reach out! You can request this list via email or phone:

Call: (503) 621-5440