Multi-Casualty Incidents


An emergency event involving five or more patients in El Dorado County is defined as a "Multi-Casualty Incident" or MCI. Usually overwhelming the capacity of initial responders, an MCI requires close coordination and prompt of additional resources to rapidly triage, treat and transport patients from the scene to a receiving hospital. The following materials have been developed for OES Mutual Aid Region IV and are to be utilized by hospitals and field personnel to manage these unique operations.Click on the links below for additional information:

Multi-Casualty Incident - Field Operations(PDF, 2MB)

Multi-Casualty Incident - Hospital Operations(PDF, 6MB)

Multi-Casualty Incident - Mutual Aid(PDF, 839KB)

El Dorado County MCI Plan(PDF, 162KB)

ALL-RISK Triage Tag Instructions(PDF, 731KB)