Explosives Ordnance Disposal Team (EOD)

Explosives Ordinance Disposal

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team (EOD) is a highly trained team of Sheriff’s Deputies and Sergeants responsible for the safe rendering and disposal of military, commercial and improvised explosives, as well as explosive chemicals. EOD personnel regularly work with SWAT and CNT on almost all tactical events, as well as respond to potential explosive calls through El Dorado County, and the neighboring counties and jurisdictions. EOD technicians conduct post-blast investigations, often completing joint investigations with Federal teams and provide expert courtroom testimony assisting in the prosecution of persons charged with related crimes.

The EOD team serves our community by providing critical response and bomb related training for law enforcement, as well as safety and awareness programs for schools and businesses. EOD technicians support the SWAT team in its efforts to gain quick, effective entrance into fortified structures through the use of explosive breaching techniques, as well as providing robotic operations in tactical environments.

The EOD team consists of three Sheriff's Deputies and one Sheriff's Sergeant, each of whom completed extensive training and certification through the FBI's National Hazardous Devices School. This intensive educational course prepares and trains the EOD technician in a variety of techniques for a safe response to incidents requiring the use and/or disposal of explosives that will best fit the overall law enforcement mission. The EOD team and its equipment are considered regional assets and respond to assist all local agencies within and neighboring El Dorado County.