Vehicle Abatement


The El Dorado County Sheriff's Office administers the state-funded vehicle abatement program. The program is designed to remove abandoned vehicles that possess a hazard or public nuisance. Once a vehicle is tagged, a contracted tow company removes and disposes of the vehicle. The program does not cover motor homes and travel trailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before calling with questions about the program, please read the following Frequently Asked Questions to help you better understand the program.

How do I get an abandoned vehicle removed from my property?

Contact Sheriff's Dispatch to request vehicle abatement or fill out the online form to report an abandoned vehicle. The Patrol Deputy will verify the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number and place a "Notice to Abate Vehicle" on the vehicle. He will also notify the registered owner and the property owner if they can be reached. The registered owner of the vehicle will also be mailed a certified letter informing them of the intent to abate their vehicle. They have 10 days from receipt of that letter to contest the abatement. The vehicle will then be towed and disposed of by the contract towing companies. The Patrol Deputy also checks the to see if the vehicle is stolen.

How long does it take to remove an abandoned vehicle?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis. It depends on the location of the vehicle and the circumstances associated with the specific case. Vehicles located in extremely remote locations will take longer. Once the vehicle has been tagged, the Sheriff's Office will generate a report, mail a certified letter to the registered owner, wait 10 days, check to see if the vehicle has been removed, and prepare and send the paperwork to the towing companies. The towing companies have 10 days to check on and remove those vehicles. This process from start to finish can take about 4- 6 weeks.

How do I get my abated vehicle back?

As the registered owner, you should receive written notice of the intent to abate. You have 10 days from receipt of that letter to contest the abatement. Contact the Sheriff's Office to request a hearing to determine if the vehicle is in violation of County Ordinances. There is a $100 administrative fee if you choose the towing companies have legal rights to dispose of your vehicle through a licensed dismantler or scrapyard.

Why won't they remove my neighbor's yard car?

A vehicle must be in violation of County Ordinances 10.16.010 or 10.12.210 to be abated. The program does not cover violations of CCR's within neighborhoods. It also does not cover mobile homes.

For information or questions regarding vehicle abatement please call Sheriff's Dispatch at (530) 621-6600.

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