El Dorado County Solid Waste Management Plan

Solid Waste Management Plan

On January 31, 2012, the County of El Dorado Board of Supervisors adopted the El Dorado County Solid Waste Management Plan (Plan). The Plan was designed to assist the County in reaching a future 75% landfill diversion goal in the most cost-effective, systematic, cohesive, and strategic manner. The Plan provides a strategic roadmap to use in planning for: coordinated, countywide, and jurisdiction cooperation and initiating near, intermediate and long-term program and infrastructure strategies. The Plan includes the estimated potential diversion gains for each strategy and methods to track strategy progress. The Plan also includes estimated costs and funding methods for the program and infrastructure strategies.

 The Action Plan contains the recommendations of the Committee and County staff, who took into consideration current and projected economic, demographic and community development conditions. Volumes I and II of the Plan were developed by NewPoint Group Inc., Bryan A. Stirrat and Associates, the County of El Dorado Solid Waste Management Plan Committee (Committee) and County Environmental Management Department staff. Volume I provides the overall plan and strategies and summarizes the detailed information contained in Volume II. Volume II, is to serve as a reference to the Action Plan and Executive Summary. Volume III contains the responses to public comments received on the Draft Plan during the 45 day public comment period. 


blue button Action Plan(PDF, 4MB)   

blue button Volume I(PDF, 2MB)  - Executive Summary 

blue button Volume II(PDF, 21MB)  - Detailed Strategies and Support 

blue button Volume III(PDF, 3MB)  - Response to Public Comments