Records Request

This page is your one-stop shop for finding and obtaining records from El Dorado County offices. Following is a list of various county offices and the records they maintain.

Obtain copies and search for records on the Recorder Clerk home page:

Recorder-Clerk's Office

Property Records


Visit the Recorder-Clerk online

Birth, Death & Marriage Records

Learn how to obtain a birth, death or marriage record through El Dorado County.

Birth, Death & Marriage Records

Burial Permit

Ensure you have all the paperwork needed prior to burying a loved one.

Burial permits are available by mail or in-person. Please contact the Office of Vital Statistics to obtain a burial permit.

Divorce Decree

Formally file for divorce and ensure you have all the proper documents needed to terminate a marriage.

File Your Divorce Decree

Public Records Act Requests

Learn about the Public Records Act.