Cool-Pilot Hill Design Standards Documents

Communities are being engaged in a process to create Design Standards for Commercial and Multi-Family parcels in their communities. Below are links and documents to assist Cool-Pilot Hill participants with this process.

Map of Cool(PDF, 1MB)

Map of Pilot Hill(PDF, 701KB)


All of the Elements of the El Dorado County General Plan are available online here.

The Land Use Element (Chapter 2 of the General Plan) has definitions for:

Rural Centers, (Objective 2.1.2)
Land Use Designations (Objective 2.2.1)
Community Identity (Objective 2.4.1)

Commercial properties can be a mix of commercial and residential uses. The Mixed Use Design Manual is available here.

The El Dorado County Zoning Ordinance is available here:

PDF Format

Online Municode

Commercial Zones Chapter 130.22 

Residential Zones Chapter 130.24 (Design Standards will ONLY apply to Multi-unit Residential (RM))

Information and Links shared from the Cool/Pilot Hill Design Standards Committee Meetings

Suisun Valley Strategic Plan: Chapter 4 Design Guidelines:  Chapter 4 illustrates appropriate design guidelines that respect and enhance the area's agriculture nature.  We are rural however much seems applicable to Cool. 

Solano 4 Design Guidelines(PDF, 3MB)

Design Guidelines for Small Town & Rural Communities: Series of slides describing thought processes and major considerations for rural town design:

Balm Design Guidelines(PDF, 9MB)


There are many aspects to consider for this project…

"With a basic understanding of community and community development, along with the techniques involved in the process of community-based planning, local citizens become actively involved at the community level and serve as an influential resource in designing future improvements (design standards in our case) to serve the needs of their communities."

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