Air Quality Management District


The El Dorado County Air Quality Management District works to improve air quality and quality of life for El Dorado County residents. On this page you can learn more about our different grants, initiatives and programs that were created to provide cleaner air for our residents.

We encourage residents to reach out with any questions about our programs or policies, including Outdoor Burning. 

Thank you for working with us to improve air quality!

Permits & Applications

Staff Members

Rania Serieh
Air Pollution Control Officer
(530) 621-7509

Lisa Petersen
Air Quality Engineer
(Permits, Air Toxics, Enforcement, CEQA)
(530) 621-7574

Cory Gutierrez
Air Quality Engineer
(Permits, Air Toxics, Enforcement, CEQA)
(530) 621-7571

Candice Thomas
Sr. Air Quality Specialist
(Inspections/Enforcement/Prescribed Burning)
(530) 621-7507 

Alexander Brooks
Air Quality Specialist I
(530) 621-7581

Scott Wilson
Program Manager
(Fiscal Administration/Budget/Accounts Payable/Contracts/Grants/Procurement)
(530) 621-7554

Michelle Drehobl
Air Quality Technician I
(Customer Service/Permit Intake/Accounts Receivable)
(530) 621-7503

AQMD Board of Directors org chart

Wildfire Information

Air Quality Management District Wildfire Page

During fire season, protect your health from wildfire smoke by avoiding strenuous exercise, using air purifiers, and wearing N-95 masks if necessary. Find resources for real-time air quality data and tips for safeguarding yourself, pets, and livestock during wildfires on the page.

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