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Thank you! El Dorado County Animal Services is grateful for those kind individuals who have donated and continue to donate to our shelters. These donations help so many of our sheltered animals! To learn more about helping, please see our shelter wish list page.

Shelter Notice

The El Dorado County Animal Services shelter in Diamond Springs is currently not accepting owner surrenders of dogs. The shelter is at maximum capacity and continues to focus on adoptions. The shelter must keep some space available for stray and protective custody dogs that are impounded and at risk. Staff recommends owners seek placement through friends and family during this period. Animal Services makes every effort to safely return licensed/microchipped/identifiable dogs while the officer is in the field, if there are not extenuating circumstances. The website will be updated as space becomes available. Should you have any questions about surrendering a pet, please contact our office.


Non-Emergency Complaints - South Lake Tahoe
Non-Emergency Complaints - West Slope

Be Careful with Your Pet Near Lakes, Rivers and Ponds

Animal Services is reminding residents to use caution when recreating at lakes, rivers or ponds where potentially dangerous algae may be present. To avoid possible cyanobacterial toxin poisoning, practice safe water habits. Dogs can be especially susceptible when algal mats are present.

  • Do not let your dog drink water or enter water where patches of algae are present, or to eat scum or algal material.
  • Wash your pets with clean water after lake or river play.
  • Provide clean drinking water.

For more info, visit FAQs about Freshwater and Estuarine Harmful Algal Blooms or Pets, Livestock, and HABs.

Field Services

Field Services enforces state statutes and county ordinances regulating animal care and welfare, investigates citizens' complaints of animal neglect or nuisance, and responds to reports of loose and injured animals. Animal Services also inspects and licenses animal establishments and kennels.

Rabies Control Program

The Rabies Control Program investigates animal bites and human exposures to rabies, and processes licenses for dogs. Learn how to avoid dog bites, and teach children to be safe around dogs. Report animal bites or rabid animals.

Shelter Operations

Shelter Operations houses and cares for stray, unwanted, or displaced animals. Every effort is made to place healthy, adoptable animals into new permanent, loving homes. We coordinate foster and volunteer programs, educate the community on pet overpopulation, and help people who have lost or found a pet.

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Disaster Preparedness - Animal Emergency Planning

Include your pets and livestock in your disaster plan! Start today by making a plan and preparing a disaster kit.