Published on April 30, 2024


(PLACERVILLE, CA)— After more than year in the making, the migration of more than 1,500 pages, and public input, El Dorado County today unveiled its newly designed and intuitively functional website.  

“Our website is the County’s primary communications tool, and we were overdue for bringing it up to a higher standard of functionality, both on the back end on the public facing side,” said Carla Hass, Deputy Chief Administrator and Communications Director.  “The new site is both aesthetically enhanced to match the County’s global reputation as a beautiful destination and functionally streamlined to allow users to more intuitively and readily find the information that’s important to them.” 

The update comes just as the County’s former web hosting platform had outlived its support capabilities, preventing it from receiving updates from Microsoft. To preserve the integrity and security of the website, a change in platform had to be made.  

The former website had over 4,000 pages, many of which contained outdated, expired, and incorrect information and dead links. The update effort, managed by the County’s Information Technology Department, included review and input from over 150 staff composed of every department and elected official’s office. The overhaul resulted in approximately 1500 newly updated pages. The County also engaged in a robust outreach effort, surveying the public on issues such as menu structure, website access methods, virtual service preferences, and usage difficulties within the prior site.  

“Because our website is often the first point of contact for many, we want to put our best foot forward for residents, business owners and visitors who reach our site,” Hass said. “We took great strides to scrub each page for current, relevant information and display it in a way that prioritizes the public’s experience,” said Hass.  

The new website is based on a “service-driven” philosophy rather than a “department-driven” one. All pages will be located under one of the following categories: County Government, Land Use, Health & Well Being, Public Safety & Justice, or Services. 

“People know what they’re trying to find, but don’t always know where to look or which department or elected office provides the service they want,” Hass said. “The service-driven navigation style and enhanced search bar capabilities will help solve that issue,” she said.  



After April 30th, visitors who attempt to reach pages on the former site ( will be seamlessly re-routed to the new site at home page. Bookmarking the new site and pages within the site are recommended.  

The redesign was fully funded through a $510,065.00 grant to the County’s Public Health Division. 



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