Stormwater from urban runoff is one of the leading causes of pollution in creeks, rivers, and lakes. Keeping stormwater clean is very important in keeping a healthy El Dorado County. Knowing where stormwater pollution comes from and keeping this pollution away from storm drains and ditches is the best and most economical way to keep our vital water resources clean.

West Slope and Tahoe Stormwater Development

In El Dorado County, there are two separate programs, each with their own set of regulations: The Western Slope and Tahoe. You need to reference the rules and documentation for the region relevant to your project.

Western Slope Project and Permitting Information
Review guidelines and permitting rules for development in the West Slope region of El Dorado County. This page outlines rules to prevent erosion and pollution caused by stormwater runoff and includes requirements for your permitting process.

Tahoe Plans and Documents
Read the Tahoe Basin Annual Report and recent reports for managing stormwater in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Stormwater Fees

Please reference the table below to see the new stormwater fees as of January 1st, 2024:

Stormwater Quality Fee Amount
Hourly Rate $190
Minor Project Plan Review $190
Major Project Plan Review / Field Inspection for Department of Transportation Project CEQA Review $190
Project CEQA Review $95
Permit Plan Review - Small Projects 2,500-4,999 sf Impervious Surface $190
Permit Plan Review - Regulated Projects 5,000 sf or more of Impervious Surface (Includes Operation and Maintenance) $190
Permit Field Inspection or Re-Inspection $190

To view the new fee schedule, please review the following documents.

Stormwater Resources

Learn more about storm water pollution prevention, construction, and water quality.

View the complete Planning and Building Department Organizational Chart(PDF, 133KB).