Submit A Photo

To keep the photos fresh, up-to-date and interesting, the IT Department encourages and solicits contributions for photos to be submitted to the County of El Dorado Photo Library.

  • Pictures are to be submitted electronically.
  • Keep in mind that the purpose of the photo is to show off our beautiful county. A place, building, or event in El Dorado County must be the primary focus of the picture.
  • Please identify where the picture was taken.
  • By submitting your photo(s), you certify that you are the author or sole owner of the photos being submitted, and you further certify that the photos are not subject to any copyright claims or other ownership rights of a third party.
  • By submitting your photos, you agree to indemnify the County and hold the County harmless from any losses, damages, judgments or liability, including attorneys’ fees, relating in any way or arising from claims by third parties for alleged infringement of any copyright or ownership rights in the photographs submitted by you.
  • You may or may not receive on-screen photo credit depending on how the picture is used.
  • By submitting your photos, you agree that the County of El Dorado has the right to:
  • Publish the photos on the County of El Dorado internet and/or intranet websites, or websites hosted/maintained by the County of El Dorado
  • Copy, reproduce and distribute the photos in any free publications produced or sponsored by the County
  • Modify the photo in any way necessary for the purpose of publication, including but not limited to cropping or reducing the image
  • Publicly display the photographs.
  • By submitting your photos, you understand that the photos may be copied or downloaded by third parties accessing the website, and you agree that the County of El Dorado is not liable in any way for any unauthorized use of the photos by third parties.