Ice House Road Pavement Rehabilitation

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El Dorado County Department of Transportation (Transportation) is currently working with the Federal Highway Administration on the construction for pavement rehabilitation of 17.57 miles of Ice House Road from Peavine Ridge Road at mile post 6.37, to the northern intersection of Wentworth Springs Road at mile post 23.94. The Project is to reconstruct the existing pavement to a width of 24 feet. The current asphalt surface is in an advanced state of deterioration. The general scope of improvements includes pulverization of existing pavement into aggregate base, pave new asphalt surface with 11-foot lanes and 1-foot shoulders, replace bridge and road guardrails, minor drainage structure improvements, minor embankment stabilization in select areas, clearing, grubbing, signing, pavement markings, delineation, and other safety-related features necessary to meet current design practice. Transportation received a Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant and Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant of a combined total of over $21.5 million for this road construction.

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