California College Tuition Fee Waiver Program

CFW program benefits the spouse and children of veterans. Students meeting the eligibility criteria may get their college fees waived if they attend a California community college, a California State University or University of California campus.

Please bring completed CalVet College Fee Waiver Applications and supporting documents to the Veteran Services Office. The office is open Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. For further information or questions, contact this office at (530) 621-5892.

Important facts about the CalVet College Fee Waiver Program

  • College Fee Waiver authorization letter is valid for the academic year applied for
  • Student must re-establish eligibility for each academic year
  • DVS 40 Application (CalVet College Fee Waiver Application) is required for each school attended
  • Student must meet the California residency requirements of your school in order to receive the benefit
  • Student needs to have made below the California poverty threshold for the previous tax year ($21,561 in 2023)

Documents Required for CalVet College Fee Waiver

  • Current DVS 40/CalVet College Fee Waiver Application (signed by both Student and Veteran)
  • Tax Return signed by Student or Non-Filing Letter or Tax Transcript from IRS or Franchise Tax Board
  • Service-Connected Rating Letter for Veteran
  • Birth Certificate of Student
  • Adoption Certificate if Student is adopted
  • Marriage Certificate if Student is a Step-Child