Facilities Division

Facilities is a Division of the Chief Administrative Office and provides a broad range of internal support services for County departments. These include construction, custodial, and the maintenance and repair of county owned and leased facilities and grounds as well as real property negotiations.

In all of its efforts, the Department seeks to safeguard the public and county staff, preserve the County’s capital investments and provide excellent customer service. Thank you for visiting the County of El Dorado Facility Division.

Mission Statement

To plan for, build and maintain the most efficient, effective facilities for County operations for the short and long term.

Code Of Ethics

As a public agency, the Facilities Division of the County of El Dorado strictly adheres to Government Code, local ordinances, rules, regulations, and ethical practices for the benefit of the citizens of the County of El Dorado. The County of El Dorado Facility employees do not accept personal gifts from suppliers or contractors nor conduct transactions for personal benefit. It is a goal of the County of El Dorado to obtain maximum value for each dollar spent.

Public Notices

None at this time.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Americans with Disabilities Act Facility Access Issue Reporting
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