Mosquito Road Bridge Project-Construction

Mosquito Road Bridge Project-Construction

For the overall project history, including the planning and design phases of development, visit the main Mosquito Road Bridge Project page.

The construction contract for the project has been awarded to Shimmick Construction Company, Inc. by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

County DOT Maintenance is doing their best to keep up with Mosquito Road and Rock Creek Road repairs. They have been performing patch repairs of the worst areas (Mosquito Road, Mosquito Cutoff, and Rock Creek Road) and will continue to provide maintenance repairs as needed and scheduled.

The Bridge Project paving of Mosquito Road extends approximately 500 feet south of the beginning of the bridge and approximately 300 feet north of the end of the bridge. This new paving will be installed following the complete construction of the new bridge. County DOT Maintenance will continue to pursue additional funding for possible future road resurfacing and improvements.

If you have an issue with a particular pothole or maintenance, you can submit your request for repair. DOT Maintenance will add your request to their list.

Traffic Closures & Impacts

What’s New





Mosquito Road & Mosquito Bridge (Project Work & Road Maintenance Work)

May 28, 2024


August 4, 2024


All Day


Closure & Flagging

Mosquito Road Bridge (Bridge Maintenance Work)

July 8, 2024


July 26, 2024


All Day




Posted 05/14/24: Road Closure on Mosquito Road from May 28 through August 4, 2024(PDF, 158KB)

Posted 04/10/24: Road Closure on Mosquito Road for Concrete Delivery for Pier 3 footing from April 12 at 10:00 pm through April 13, 2024 to 10:00 pm(PDF, 183KB)

Posted 03/22/24: Road Closure on Mosquito Road for Concrete Delivery for Pier 2 footing from April 5 through April 6, 2024(PDF, 153KB)

Posted 03/22/24: Highway 50 Detour Notice: "Trip to Green" for the Concrete Delivery on the Mosquito Bridge Project from April 5 through April 6, 2024(PDF, 371KB)

Posted 05/18/23: Road Closure on Mosquito Road from May 30 through August 6, 2023(PDF, 155KB)

Posted 04/24/23: Road Closure on Mosquito Road from May 6 through May 7, 2023(PDF, 156KB)

Posted 12/07/22: Mosquito Batch Plant Mobilization(PDF, 238KB)

Posted 11/23/22: Intermittent Traffic Controls to continue on Mosquito Road through December 22, 2022(PDF, 176KB)

Posted 10/31/22: Revised Road Closure for Night Work on Mosquito Road from November 14 through November 20, 2022(PDF, 178KB)

Update Posted 09/02/22: Intermittent Traffic Controls to continue on Mosquito Road through November 2022(PDF, 176KB)

Posted 08/12/22: During intermittent traffic controls, wait times are intended to be approximately five (5) minutes. Delays could be up to twenty (20) minutes depending upon traffic of slow-moving equipment and wide loads. Please allow extra time to arrive at your destination.

Posted 8/2/22: Intermittent Traffic Controls on Mosquito Road from August 9, 2022 through September 9, 2022(PDF, 175KB)  (may include Saturdays and/or Sundays)

Updated on 6/23/22: Mosquito Road is anticipated to be closed to through traffic beginning approximately July 5, 2022 and ending approximately August 8, 2022(PDF, 177KB). Closure limits are anticipated to coincide with the current gate locations and will be coordinated with schools and emergency response as needed. Intermittent lane closures and flagging should also be anticipated as needed for mobilization of construction equipment and materials. During this time, it is also anticipated that tree removal operations will occur for the bridge project, and routine maintenance of existing Mosquito Road Bridge will also be conducted. For additional details refer to the PCMS boards located along the roadway and to this project website. Read the road closure notice.

The Mosquito Road Bridge Replacement Project is anticipated to result in Mosquito Road closures(PDF, 227KB) at approximately the existing gate locations for up to 10 weeks and will be coordinated with school schedules. This Project may also have intermittent flagging operations and lane closures along Mosquito Road, Rock Creek Road, and the neighboring roadways to the Project to facilitate Project operations and mobilization of large equipment and materials. For additional details refer to the Project’s construction website.

Construction Progress Updates

For construction and progress related videos: Mosquito Road Bridge Computer Renderings & Videos - Updated 06/11/24

Please visit the following links for construction progress updates and pictures.

Aerial view of the construction site taken on May 6, 2024

Construction Schedule Overview

**Download an overview of the latest project construction schedule(PDF, 2MB)  – updated 02/28/24

**This is an approximate construction schedule for the project and is subject to changes and updates as items progress. Refer to the “Construction Progress Updates” for additional details.

Traffic & Staging Overview

Mosquito Road Bridge Replacement Project is anticipated to be built in three stages(PDF, 281KB):

  • Stage 0 involves the realignment of Mosquito Road on the north side of the canyon to allow for the new bridge abutment to be constructed on the north. This work is anticipated to be performed under a full road closure.
  • Stage 1 involves construction of the new bridge and approach roadway (on both north and south sides of the canyon). This work is performed off alignment of current Mosquito Road and may require intermittent flagging and lane closures.
  • Stage 2 involves construction of the final roadway tie-ins, bridge barrier rails (and metal beam guardrails), and final restoration operations. This is the final stage of construction and is anticipated to be performed under a full road closure and intermittent flagging and lane closures as needed.