Transportation Impact Study Guidelines

Transportation Impact Study Guidelines

A Transportation Impact Study (also known as a Traffic Impact Study, or TIS) evaluates the potential effects of proposed projects on surrounding and supporting transportation infrastructure and services. The TIS Guidelines are intended to ensure that the traffic impacts of proposed development projects are addressed in a manner consistent with the policies set forth in the Transportation and Circulation Element of the County’s General Plan and any applicable Specific Plan. The guidelines also enable the County to analyze the potential transportation and circulation impacts of development proposals pursuant to the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). In December 2014, updated TIS Guidelines were presented to the Board of Supervisors to acknowledge that analysis will require study of all modes of transportation, not just motorized vehicles. The TIS Guidelines include an outline of the expected format, citations from state law and El Dorado County General Plan policies, as well as appendices with applicable information.

The brochure and guidelines are in PDF format and should be viewed with Adobe Reader.


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