How to File a Complaint

The function of the Civil Grand Jury is to investigate the operations of El Dorado County departments and agencies, city governments, school districts and special districts. The Jury determines which issues will be investigated during its term of office. The Jury assures citizens that government is operating efficiently and in an ethical, honest manner. The Jury investigates policies and procedures and makes recommendations to improve local governmental operations.


Anyone may ask the Jury to conduct an investigation of an issue within its jurisdiction. Whether or not the Jury chooses to investigate such a complaint is entirely within its discretion and may be affected by workload, resource limitations or legal restrictions.

The Jury cannot investigate:

  • The Courts
  • Other counties
  • Federal or state governments
  • Private citizens
  • Enforcement


In all its proceedings and investigations, the Jury is sworn to maintain complete secrecy. Members of the Jury apply the same objective standard of conduct and responsibility to all persons and entities. The Jury is not influenced by sentiment, conjecture, sympathy, public feelings, passion, or prejudice.

The Civil Grand Jury Complaint Form is available in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and can be completed online. The form may be emailed or printed and sent through the postal service. It is important to include or attach any supporting documentation.

Civil Grand Jury Complaint Form(PDF, 165KB)
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