Intake and Court Services

 Intake Services

Deputy Probation Officers assigned as intake officers are responsible for the initial assessment of minors booked into either Juvenile Detention Facility and/or cited by law enforcement for delinquent offenses.

For those minors delivered to a JDF for booking, a process must be followed which includes reviewing the arrest report and conducting a preliminary investigation. If the minor remains detained after this investigation, the Deputy Probation Officer will prepare a detention report to the Court including a narration of the circumstances of the offense, a statement from the minor’s parents, a prior history of previous delinquent behavior and prior services the minor has received to alleviate removal from the parental home.

For non-custody citations, after a review of the law enforcement report, an intake hearing before a Deputy Probation Officer is scheduled at which time the minor and his/her parent are interviewed. Depending upon the type of offense and individual factors of the case, the Deputy Probation Officer may conditionally close the case, offer informal supervision, or refer the case to the District Attorney for review and possible filing of a petition to the Court. However, the Deputy Probation Officer may not have discretion on some citations since they are mandated by California Law to be forwarded to the District Attorney for prosecution.

Court Services

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Deputy Probation Officers assigned to Juvenile Court conduct case investigations and prepare social study reports and recommendations for the Juvenile Court. These reports, which require investigations into the offense, the background of the minor and family, victim impact, and restitution, are produced to assist the Court with disposition in a case. Officers also prepare reports for disposition in fitness hearings and hearings pursuant to Section 241.1 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code, coordinate psychological evaluations, and prepare case plans according to legislative mandates. Lastly, a Deputy Probation Officer attends all Juvenile Court proceedings, representing the Probation Department and serving as a resource to the Juvenile Court.