Pilot Hill Cemetery

Pilot Hill Cemetery, also known as Centerville Cemetery, was founded in 1850, at the beginning of the Gold Rush, for the community of Centerville. It is located near what is now known as Pilot Hill. The cemetery is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Range, amid rolling pastures and horse farms, with a view of the surrounding area. When the cemetery was established, there were many miners and a growing number of communities in the region. While the first recorded burial was in 1850, it is possible that this area was used for burials before that time.

In 2002, the property was deeded to El Dorado County.

This old cemetery has more than 225 burials and encompasses approximately one acre, only a small part of which is developed. Approximately 800 to 1,000 in-ground burials could be accommodated on the undeveloped acreage, and plans may include niches, a scattering ground for cremains, and an ossuary. The new section will be active when the final plans are drawn for the plot layout and other installations.

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4781 Pedro Hill Road
Pilot Hill, CA 95664
Pilot Hill Layout Drawing #001-010 & 010A
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