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Please call to make an appointment before coming into the office, as many cemetery-related needs can be handled over the phone. The Cemetery Administration phone number is (530) 621-7594.

About Cemetery Administration

CemeteryThe County of El Dorado oversees the maintenance and operation of 17 cemeteries. However, there are more than 100 cemeteries and burial sites in the County. Most are old pioneer cemeteries, and interments have not been performed in these cemeteries in many decades. In addition to the County-operated cemeteries, there are several private, fraternal, and religious cemeteries, and two cemeteries organized as Special Districts: Happy Homestead in South Lake Tahoe and the Kelsey Cemetery on the West Slope. Click on Cemetery Menu, above, for more information on these cemeteries.

Plot sales are offered at some County-operated cemeteries. They include El Dorado, Georgetown Pioneer/Renke Annex, Georgia Slide, Mormon Island, Pilot Hill, Placerville Union, and Smith Flat. The Renke Annex also has niches, including a set of niches reserved for military veterans. Niches and crypts are also available at Placerville Union. Click on Cemetery Menu, then County-Operated Cemeteries, for a brief synopsis of each of the cemeteries overseen by the County.

Historical and genealogical information on individuals buried in El Dorado County is available from the El Dorado County Historical Museum.

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Learn more about the local non-profit organization working to preserve our county cemeteries at Save the Graves.

Adopt-a-Cemetery-Project Program