Permits and Applications

AQMD - Forms


Permit holders are required to submit annual usage information to the AQMD. This data is used to check compliance with permit conditions and is reported to the California Air Resources Board to track statewide criteria pollutant and air toxic emissions.

Dust Plans

If you have an earth moving project on your property you may need to get a dust plan. If you are not in the Asbestos Review Area and you need a grading permit, you also need a Fugitive Dust Plan. If you are in the Asbestos Review Area, you will need an Asbestos Dust Mitigation Plan if you are disturbing 20 or more cubic yards of soil.


An upset or breakdown is an unforeseeable failure or malfunction of any air pollution control equipment or related equipment which causes a violation of any emission limit or permit condition, as long as the failure is not the result of neglect, is not intentional, is not the result of improper maintenance, is not a recurring breakdown of the same equipment, and the failure does not create a public nuisance. 

The District needs to be notified as soon as reasonably possible, but not later than 2 hours after detection during normal business hours. 


Thank you for working with us to improve air quality!