Fee Waiver Process

  1. Applicant will submit a fee waiver request in writing to El Dorado County, Community Development Services (CDS), Planning and Building Department (CDS-Planning & Building), claiming financial hardship and/or detailing the substantial public benefit that will be provided by the project or event in compliance with Board of Supervisors Policy B-2, Section 2 (Policy B-2).

    NOTE:  CDS-Planning and Building is responsible for securing all County required reviews and waiver determinations.
  2. CDS-Planning and Building staff will provide all written waiver requests to the CDS-Planning & Building Director for review and determination of approval or denial per Policy B-2. 

    CDS-Planning and Building will then draft an interoffice memo from the CDS-Planning and Building Director to the County's Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), which provides the background of the request and the recommendation for waiver or denial.  The completed interoffice memo will then be submitted to the CDS-Planning and Building Director for signature. 

  3. CDS-Planning and Building Director will review the prepared interoffice memo and, if no changes are requested, will sign the memo and forward it to the CAO for consideration. 

  4. CAO will review the submitted interoffice memo and will verify the recommendation is in compliance with Policy B-2.  CAO will then respond to the Applicant in writing, confirming approval or denial of the fee waiver request (response letters may be sent via U.S. Mail or mailed electronically via fax or email).

    An electronic copy of the CAO’s letter to the Applicant will be provided to the CDS-Planning & Building Director for completing the application process.