Traffic Advisory Committee

The Traffic Advisory Committee was formed in 1965 by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors to provide a more efficient and systematic method of determining the necessity of requested traffic control device installations and to investigate and report to the Board on these requests.  The El Dorado County Traffic Advisory Committee is comprised of five voting members and various advisory staff members who meet twice a year (Spring & Fall) in a meeting open to the public, to discuss and review speed surveys and requests for regulatory traffic controls on county-maintained roads. These controls include speed limits, stop signs, traffic signals, and parking regulations.
Current Members: 
Rafael Martinez, Department of Transportation Director
Brian Mullens, Department of Transportation Deputy Director 
Commander Hatfield, California Highway Patrol
Sergeant Pebley, El Dorado County Sheriff Department
Amanda Magnuson, El Dorado County Risk Management Analyst
Advisory Staff:
Darryl Brown, El Dorado County Supervising Civil Engineer
Jim Hunnicutt, El Dorado County Acting Traffic Superintendent
Michael Bastian, El Dorado County Senior Engineering Technician
Please email with any questions.


Upcoming Meetings:
2024 West Slope Traffic Advisory Committee Meeting
Date to be determined.


Previous Meetings: