What is Defensible Space?

Creating and maintaining proper defensible space plays a critical role in helping to protect your home and property from the risk of wildfire!


What is Defensible Space?

Defensible space is the buffer zone that you create between your home and the plants, brush, trees, or other items surrounding your home that could ignite in the event of a fire.

Why is Defensible Space Important?

In addition to being required under state and local laws, the establishment and maintenance of proper defensible space helps to protect your property and community from the risk and spread of wildfire.

How to Create Defensible Space:

There are several proactive and cost-effective measures you can take to not only meet your defensible space requirement, but also protect your home.

  • Know your zones
  • Request a defensible space inspection or assessment to know what is necessary
  • Start from your home and/or structure and work your way out

Defensible space

Zone 1: Lean, Clean, and Green (30 feet)

  • Remove all dead plants, grass, and weeds
  • Clear dead or dry leaves and pine needles from your yard, roof, and rain gutters
  • Remove or separate live flammable ground cover and shrubs

Zone 2: Reduced Fuel (30-100 feet)

  • Cut or mow annual grass down to a maximum height of 4 inches
  • Create horizontal spacing between shrubs and trees
  • Clear lower vegetation that could lead to a fire climbing into the tree canopy

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