Fee Description Amount
Dog $120.00
Senior Dog (6+ years old) $60.00
Cat/Kitten $40.00
Other Small Animals – Rabbits, Birds, Etc. $20.00
Exotic Animals $40.00
Small Livestock - Sheep, Goats, Pigs and Other $50.00
Large Livestock – Horses, Cows, Mules, and Other $150.00

Dog Licenses

Basic license fees

Fee Description Amount
Duplicate/Transferable Dog License $5.00
Delinquent License Penalty(Added to License Cost) $20.00

Additional Penalties for Dog At-Large Without Valid License

Fee Description Amount
Expired License $20.00
Never Licensed Depends on age of dog

Potentially Dangerous Dogs / Vicious Dogs

Fee Description Amount
PDD/VD License/Investigation – 1st Year $700.00
PDD/VD License Renewal (Annual) $100.00
PDD/VD Replacement License $20.00
PDD/VD Collar (enables PDD/VD identification, per Ordinance) $25.00


Fee Description Amount
Non-Commercial Kennel Permit (License) $327.13
Commercial Kennel Permit (License) $400.00
Grooming Facility License $200.00
Kennel Reinspection(s) Required Within Permit Year Due To Violations (Fee applicable to each reinspection) $249.60

County Established Impound Fees

Note: An additional surcharge of 50% is charged for animals impounded in the City of South Lake Tahoe limits

Fee Description Amount
Small Animal Impound – 1st (same household, per animal) $80.00
Small Animal Impound – 2nd (same household, per animal) $184.97
Small Animal Impound – 3rd (same household, per animal) $250.00
Small Animal Inpound - 4th & 5th $333.95
Boarding Fee for Dog/Per Day $29.69
Boarding Fee for Cat/Per Day $10.00
Boarding Fee for Small Animal (Rabbit, bird, etc)/Per Day $19.79
Small Animal Field Release(license purchase required) $50.00
OwnerSurrender of Animal (no fee for strays) $60.00
Owner Surrender of Litter $100.00
Large Animal Impound - 1st (same household, per animal) $250.00
Large Animal Impound – 2nd (same household, per animal) $350.00
Large Animal Impound – 3rd or More (same household, per animal) $450.00
Boarding Fee for Large Animal (Horse, Cow, etc.)/Per Day
(Plus transportation time and materials)
Large Animal Field Release (plus add'l officer(s) at rate x time) $150.00

State Established Impound Penalties

Fee Description Amount
1st Impound of Unaltered Animal $35.00
2nd Impound of Unaltered Animal $50.00
3rd or subsequent Impound of Unaltered Animal $100.00


Fee Description Amount
Microchip (owner request) $25.00
Quarantine Initiation/Administration Fee
(plus daily boarding fee)
Euthanasia (Owner Release – Animal Unadoptable) $60.00
Euthanasia (NoOwner Present) $120.00
Animal Disposal - Dog $60.00
Animal Disposal - Cat $60.00
Small Animal Fluorescent Rabies Antibody -
(Euthanasia & Disposal)
Large Animal Fluorescent Rabies Antibody $325.00
Animal Products (e.g., Cat Carriers) At Cost
Kennel Attendant Hourly Rate (as adjusted annually) $98.97
Public Services Assistant/Sr. Assistant Hourly Rate (as adjusted annually) $78.56
Animal Control Officer Hourly Rate (as adjusted annually) $116.29
Animal Shelter Supervisor $126.36
Animal Services Officer Supervisor $168.54