Internet Speed Test

internet speed test

The El Dorado County Speed Test Campaign is a county wide initiative for all El Dorado County residents and business owners to self-report their internet speed at home, work, or wherever they are connected to the internet. The data collected will be mapped and used to invest in resources to improve broadband access across the County of El Dorado. This campaign includes all of El Dorado County, whether you have excellent internet speeds or no access at all.

The results from the Internet Speed Test will help:

  • Identify areas of El Dorado County where homes and businesses lack high-speed internet connection
  • Discover which households do not have an internet connection and the reasons why
  • Direct funds toward providing reliable broadband access throughout the County

Please help us identify El Dorado County’s areas with the greatest need for internet speed by taking the Internet Speed Test. It only takes 60 seconds.