Personal Cultivation of Cannabis

El Dorado County has new regulations when it comes to the personal cultivation of cannabis. The County has replaced the ability to grow 200 square feet (with one medical prescription or valid medical card), 400 square feet (with two medical prescriptions or valid medical cards in certain zones), or 600 square feet (with three medical prescription or valid medical cards in certain zones) with the ability to plant up to six cannabis plants outdoors on a legal parcel without differentiating between medical or recreational cannabis in all zones except Multi-Unit Residential. Alternatively, up to 6 plants may be grown indoors in any zone, including Multi-Unit Residential zones. No more than 6 plants may be grown per residence indoors or outdoors at any given time and any cannabis grown under the ordinance must be exclusively for the personal use of the residents of the parcel.

Any individuals interested in growing cannabis for personal use should read the ordinance to ensure compliance with all the regulations, including setbacks, screening, and odor control. The following link below is the personal cultivation ordinance; please visit the link to learn all the rules.

Personal Cultivation Ordinance(PDF, 840KB)