My Property

We're here to help you maintain and improve your property. Explore this page for information on property taxes, vacation home rentals, burn information and building permits. If you're hoping to learn more about your property's history, read below for details on reaching out to the County Surveyor or Recorder-Clerk.

Property Taxes

Learn about paying your property taxes, tax rate information, and frequently asked questions.

Pay Your Property Taxes

You can reference the Treasurer-Tax Collector page for more information on property taxes, business licenses, cannabis taxes, and more.

Official Land Records

If you are looking for official land records, you can search online with the Recorder-Clerk Self-Service System or contact the Recorder-Clerk's Office for support.

Building on My Property

Learn how to apply for a building permit for your residential property. Visit this page to read about building permits, codes, and other requirements if you want to build on your property.

County Surveyor

The El Dorado County Surveyor manages land development maps, helps residents with GIS data, and assists private landowners in hiring licensed surveyors for their needs.

While the County Surveyor does not survey private property, they may be able to answer your questions or connect you with relevant resources. Learn more by reviewing common Land Survey Program Questions.

Burn Permits

Learn how to legally conduct burns on your property during burn days and if you will need a permit. El Dorado County regulates "burn" and "no burn" days, so please check this page to make sure today is a burn day before you burn.

Vacation Home Rentals

Apply online for a Vacation Home Rental (VHR) permit. You can also find details on El Dorado County's VHR ordinance, recent Board actions, and public outreach.