El Dorado County Strategic Plan




INTEGRITY:  We are responsible for our actions and accountable to our citizens, workforce, and stakeholders

COLLABORATION: We engage, communicate, and connect to achieve the best possible outcomes together (external and internal).

SERVICE EXCELLENCE:  We provide responsive, transparent, and quality service to all citizens of El Dorado County

STEWARDSHIP:  Through collaboration and advocacy, we honor and protect our natural and historical resources, agriculture, and rural character for future generations.

THRIVING WORKFORCE:  We value employees performing meaningful work, with professional growth opportunities.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY:  Through sound decision making, we apply best financial practices that protect and enhance the assets and resources of El Dorado County.



SAFE AND HEALTHY COMMUNITIES:  Strengthen emergency response capabilities and effectiveness.

PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE: Enhance communication about funding and resources for facilities related capital improvement plan (CIP).

THRIVING ECONOMY:  Explore feasibility of "waste to energy" industries, develop a business recognition program, develop a Countywide Economic Development Strategic Plan focused on managed growth and economic stability.

WORKFORCE EXCELLENCE:  Focus on employee development & wellbeing.

STRATEGIC INNOVATION:  Work as one organization, promote a culture of creativity, identify challenges and constraints, improve external and internal service delivery in a more convenient and efficient way, and develop solutions through leveraging of technology.

El Dorado County 2024 Strategic Plan

Board Message(PDF, 3MB) Executive Summary(PDF, 9MB) About El Dorado County(PDF, 8MB) Our History(PDF, 6MB)
Core Services(PDF, 4MB) Community Input(PDF, 3MB) Photo Credits(PDF, 14MB) Strategic Plan(PDF, 7MB) (Complete download)
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