Strategic Innovation


 Work as One Organization


 Improve understanding of current operations by appointing a Strategic Innovation Team Chief Administrative Office


Spring 2024
  Schedule quarterly department head meeting focused solely on sharing challenges and allowing time to brainstorm solutions Chief Administrative Office


 Summer 2025
 Promote a Culture of Creativity  Identify how departments currently innovate and develop new ideas to achieve goals Department Heads


Summer 2024
   Compile department innovative strategies to present to all department heads Strategic Innovation Team


Winter 2024
 Identify Challenges and Constraints Solvable by Innovative Solutions Departments to perform internal SWOT analysis


Department Heads  Summer 2024
  Identify one priority challenge per department (What needs to be achieved and by when) Department Heads Fall 2024
  Prioritize top 5 challenges Strategic Innovation Team Winter 2024
  Brainstorm innovative solutions and present at Department Head meeting for discussion Strategic Innovation Team


Spring 2025 
Improve External and Internal Service Delivery in a more Convenient and Efficient Way Identify one priority service delivery that needs improvement  Department Heads Summer 2025
   Prioritize top 5 service delivery needs to improve Strategic Innovation Team Fall 2025
  Compile ideas for service delivery improvement to present to department heads Strategic Innovation Team


Winter 2025
Develop Solutions through Leveraging of Technology For Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders, use existing social media and applications and pursue in-house technology development to aid engagement with the public on community concerns and safety issues Sheriff's Office, Information Technology Ongoing