Safe and Healthy Communities


 Strengthen Emergency Response Capabilities and Effectiveness  Lead and facilitate the creation and maintenance of fire- adapted communities through a comprehensive update to the Western El Dorado Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) that is in alignment with the Tahoe Basic CWPP and other relevant local, state, and federal agencies plans.


 Office of Wildfire Prevention and Resilience


 Spring 2025


  Develop and implement community disaster preparedness programs and initiatives, engaging with community partners and stakeholders


 Sheriff's Office Ongoing
   Complete Simulcast system for West Slope Radio Operations  Sheriff's Office  Winter 2026
   Enhance disaster resilience by developing and implementing robust recovery strategies


 Sheriff's Office, County Departments, Community Stakeholders


Winter 2026
Enhance Information Sharing with Neighboring Law Enforcement Agencies  Leverage current investment in records, dispatch, and custody management to share with local agencies and collaboration group Sheriff's Office, Probation, District Attorney, Local Agencies, Information Technology Summer 2024
Develop a continuum of support and housing opportunities for unhoused individuals Complete the Navigation Center


Facilities, Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA)


Winter 2024 
  Continue Engagement with County departments, the homeless community, and countywide partners to develop effective strategies including for example, transitional housing HHSA, Sheriff's Office, Planning and Building


Achieve CalAIM requirements and maximize opportunities for service delivery Create a CalAIM workgroup (focused on PATH grant) consisting of County departments, stakeholders, and managed care plan representatives Sheriff's Office Spring 2024
  Coordinate Re-Entry Services plans with County partners Sheriff's Office, Probation, HHSA  Ongoing
  Implement CalAIM payment reform within the Behavioral Health Division HHSA Winter 2024
Develop key strategies / priorities for Health and Human Services Create a three-year HHSA strategic plan aligned with the County's strategic plan HHSA Summer 2024
Conduct an assessment of the Health and Human Services Agency's structure and service delivery Work with a consultant to assist in coordinating due diligence; provide recommendations to the Board HHSA Spring 2024