Here are some frequently asked questions for tax collection.

How do I report a change of address, phone number or a new place of employment?

You can either send an email to revrec@edcgov.us, notify Revenue Recovery in person at the lobby or you can telephone a representative at (530) 621-5780.

Where is your office located? How do I get there?

What are the office hours?

See our hours of operation.

Where do I send my payment?

What is the grace period for my account?

There is no grace period; however, if you need to speak to a specialist, please call (530) 621-5780.

What if my payment was not received?

If we did not receive your payment, then your next step would be to verify that the check or money order was cashed. If it was not, then you should inform us of the check/money order number and reissue the payment. If your check/money order was cashed, then your next step would be to give us a copy of the front and back of the cancelled check/money order so that we may properly research your payment or account.

If my payment is postmarked by my due date, is it considered on time?

No, the payment must be processed by our office by the due date.

Someone else used my I.D., can Revenue Recovery delete this?

Depending on the charge, you may need to contact the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department, one of the numerous Courts or other departments. Please contact our office for more information.

Why are you intercepting my tax refund?

Any account with a Court Order is subject to be included in the annual tax intercept. To protect against having your tax refund intercepted, all accounts must be paid in full.

What should I do if I feel that I have already paid this account?

If you believe that you have already paid this account, simply provide proof of payment, such as front and back of canceled check or receipt indicating a docket number or case number in question. We will be happy to research your inquiry.

Can I get a copy of the court order for my case?

Once a case is completed, you may request a copy of the court order from the Courts where your case was heard.