Campaign Filing and Services


El Dorado County Registrar of Voters announces paperless filing for all local elected officials, committees or candidates will soon be available online. The Voter Registration and Elections Department will allow all candidates and committees who receive contributions or make expenditures totaling more than $2,000 in a calendar year, to electronically file campaign statements.

The Registrar of Voters will provide a user-friendly tool that will streamline the preparation and filing of the campaign disclosure statements, increase transparency by making it easier for the public to access campaign information. The system will be available to any campaign within the County that is required to file campaign disclosure documents. These include County-level elected offices, all special districts and school districts, and campaign committees within El Dorado County. (Committees of the Cities of Placerville and South Lake Tahoe will continue to file their campaign disclosure forms with their City Clerk.) The on-line system is a free, web-based program that does not require any additional software to be installed on the filer's computer.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not find an electronic filing for a committee, please contact our office at 530-621-7480 or visit 2850 Fairlane Ct, Placerville, Ca 95667. All previous campaign disclosure filings will be available on a public computer terminal located in our office or printout on request.

For more information, contact the Campaign Services Division:

By Phone: (530) 621-7480
By Email:


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