Election Integrity

There has been a lot of information and misinformation nationally about elections since the 2020 Presidential General, and even before that. As a department we have always been dedicated to ensuring transparent elections to ensure the highest integrity, protect voter rights and promote voter participation. Our doors are always open and we hosted over 100 visitors before and during last year's Presidential election as well as posted informational videos and answered hundreds of emails and phone calls.

It does not stop there for us. This year we will host an Election Integrity week where we will highlight what we are doing and hold open houses inviting people to come in and see our security and integrity measures. We will also hold public meetings to have honest and open discussions about the public's concerns. We want to hear your concerns and will share our honest experiences.

Additionally, throughout every year we do the following:

  • Signature verification training performed by a forensic handwriting expert through our state organization.
  • Address and location reviews to ensure they are accurate and occupied.
  • Updating voter registration with changes of address or death notices, keeping our registration clean.
  • Additional voter outreach to share news and information.
  • Our doors are open to visitors to observe the election process and ask any question.

We added this section to our website dedicated to address Election Integrity information and updates that will expand as we identify additional information.

We understand there is so much information about Elections that it is hard to separate reality from conspiracy. We have watched and continue to watch every hearing and audit and are taking everything seriously while sifting through the information and misinformation as well. We are always learning new ways to improve.

Our biggest fear is that a lack of voter trust will lead to lack of participation. Please don't let that happen!

You can see our process videos on our home page.