Voting Equipment


Dominion ImageCast Central system voting machine(PDF, 1MB)

El Dorado County has selected the Dominion Voting System to replace our aging Diebold system, purchased in 2005. The Dominion ImageCast Central system was chosen for its modern, secure design, complying with the newest Federal Election Administration Committee guidelines, as well as California’s newest, much more rigorous standards. The system features high speed scanners located in a secure, air-gapped room (no outside connections), where vote by mail and precinct ballots are counted. Ballots are adjudicated(PDF, 502KB)  (votes counted) using a system that allows on-screen review of every ballot, allowing increased transparency in the voting process.



Sample ballot for a Dominion Democracy Suite ballot(PDF, 925KB)


Voting will be with physical ballots with a very similar look to the ballots El Dorado County Voters are used to from the past 15 years. Once voted, they’re placed in sealed ballot boxes or vote by mail envelopes, just like always.






A voter using a Dominion Voting System(PDF, 757KB)

Voters at Vote Centers will also have the option of using Dominion’s new ImageCast X Ballot Marking Device, which prints a marked vote record that can be counted just like any other ballot. Ballots at voting locations are produced with a ballot-on-demand system, eliminating wasted, unused ballots at the end of every election.


Voters desiring to vote from home with the same options as the ImageCast X can use the County’s Remote Accessible Vote By Mail system, which presents the voting process in a screen-ready-friendly format and allows the voter to make their voting choices using the accessible device they are already comfortable with.