Tips for Applying with the County

Application Information

All completed applications will be screened against the minimum qualifications listed on the job announcement. Approved applications may be evaluated further to identify the most qualified applicants. Human Resources will notify you via email of your status after your application has been reviewed. Applications will typically be reviewed within one week. Selected applicants will be invited to the next step of the examination process.

All communication from Human Resources regarding the status of your application, test scheduling, test results, etc. will be sent via email. Notification/status information will be emailed to you at each step in the recruitment process. Please ensure your NEOGOV account is set-up to receive email notifications. You can verify that your account is set-up to receive email notifications by going into your account setting and viewing the notification preference section. Failure to have "Email" selected as the preferred notification method will result in missed candidate communication from our office. It is your responsibility to ensure that your account is set up to receive email notifications from our office.

Tips for Completing Your Application

The following are some tips for completing an application. This information is provided to encourage your full and accurate completion of the application as a key step in the selection process.

  • Take your time and make sure the application is an accurate representation of your qualifications.
  • Review the Minimum Qualifications (MQ's) for the position and be sure to demonstrate in your application how you qualify for the position.
  • While completing your application, keep in mind that the person initially reviewing your application is likely not familiar with your work experience or education.
  • Provide sufficient details of your duties and responsibilities. Job titles do not tell us about the breadth and depth of your experience.
  • Include all relevant positions and/or experience in your application.
  • If multiple positions were held, list each position separately as an individual entry. For example, Social Worker I, II, III would be listed as three different job entries.
  • Don't use acronyms or slang.

Before You Begin The Application

The application requires specific information about your work experience and/or educational background. It is a good idea to have information or documents that will help you complete the application. Some of this information includes:

  • Current college transcripts showing courses completed, academic units (semester or quarter units) completed, and the actual or projected dates for degree completion.
  • Applicants who completed their education outside of the United States must submit verification of degree and/or course equivalency by the application deadline. To find more information on degree verification, please see the Foreign Degree Verification section below.
  • A copy of current or previous job descriptions and/or class specifications for jobs you held. Do not copy and paste directly from a job description; instead, it is suggested that you use these job descriptions and/or class specifications as an additional tool to assist you when describing the specific duties and responsibilities that you performed.
  • A copy of or access to the job announcement for the position for which you are applying. This is a helpful document to refer to, as a reminder of the final filing date, and a resource for confirming that you meet the minimum requirements for the position.

Please note:

  • All work experience MUST be included in the "Work Experience" section of your application. Do not refer to a resume or other documentation.
  • The job announcement will not be available online after the application deadline. Please print/save a copy for your records.
  • Only one application per recruitment will be accepted.
  • Be sure to update your profile with any new or relevant information when applying for future jobs.
  • All experience must be at a 40-hour work week (full-time) equivalency. Regardless of the calendar years/months an applicant has had in a position, our minimum qualifications are indicative of full-time (40 hour a week) employment. Any part-time employment must be evaluated to prorate the years/months that can be credited, and hours worked beyond the 40-hour work week are not eligible for consideration.

Foreign Degree Verification

Applicants who completed their education outside of the United State must submit verification of degree and/or course equivalency by the application deadline. Organizations that provide foreign education credential evaluation services can be found at NACES. We will accept verification of degree and/or course equivalency from any of the listed member agencies unless prohibited by the class specification.

Reconsideration Process

A disqualified applicant or candidate may file a request for reconsideration of the disqualification by filing a written notice to the Director within three (3) working days from the date of electronic notification of disqualification. The request for reconsideration must contain specific allegations of fact, citing the exact basis for the request and the relief requested. The information provided by the applicant or candidate must be for clarification purposes only, as the Director cannot accept any new information that is not already noted in the application. The burden of proof shall be on the disqualified applicant or candidate. The decision of the Director on the request for reconsideration shall be final, except as otherwise required by law. Please note that notifying or conferring with Human Resources without filing a request for reconsideration does not extend the time for reconsideration.