Labor Agreements

El Dorado County Employees' Association, Local 1, AFSCME Council 57

General (GE), Professional (PL), and Supervisory (SU) Units

Operating Engineers, Local #3

Corrections (CR) Unit

Operating Engineers, Local #3

Trades and Crafts (TC) Unit

El Dorado County Probation Officers' Association

Probation (PR) Unit

El Dorado County Deputy Sheriffs' Association

Law Enforcement (SA) Unit

El Dorado County Law Enforcement Management Association

Law Enforcement Sworn Management (SM) Unit

Unrepresented Employees

Elected (EL), Department Head (UD), Unrepresented Management (UM), Confidential (CO), Extra Help (EH), and Retired Annuitants (RA) Units

El Dorado County Criminal Attorneys' Association

Criminal Attorney (CA) Unit

El Dorado County Managers' Association

Management (MA) Unit

IHSS Public Authority

Note: This agreement has been posted on behalf of the IHSS Public Authority. This MOU does not cover County employees.