Human Resources

Welcome to the Department of Human Resources for the County of El Dorado! The employees of El Dorado County fill a vast array of positions, but they are all part of one team sharing a common goal -- serving the County's citizens. El Dorado County is a wonderful place to work! We offer excellent benefits, including health care, dental, life insurance, vacation time, sick leave, and a pension plan. Human Resources is divided into units to better assist our County employees.

Our Mission

Promote the power of public service by fostering a positive, productive, and collaborative workplace where all employees are qualified, empowered, respected, and valued.

Our Vision

As an employer of choice, maximize individual and organizational success through strategic partnerships and collaboration by implementing and supporting programs, processes, and services that add value to both the County of El Dorado employees and the community.

Our Guiding Principles

Collaborative Business Partner: Proactively works with departments to understand their mission and work together by sharing ideas to devise effective strategic solutions in order to address organizational performance concerns and achieve common goals.

Consistency: Equal diligence and ethical consistency in all aspects of HR.

Integrity: Decisions are based on impartial, equitable, and reliable information; established deadlines are met and there is a common understanding of expectations; and our customers are confident in our solutions and responses and can trust our high-quality deliverables.

Transparency: Open process when available and clear communication as to why decisions are made.

Accountability: Ownership in what we do, taking responsibility for our role and the outcomes; proactively addressing and resolving problems.

Competent Knowledge Resource: Seeks opportunities to improve; serves as subject matter experts, displays the initiative to find valid and reliable data; and are willing to ask for assistance, if necessary.

Solution-Focused Customer Service: Working with our customers from the perspective of understanding their needs, finding viable solutions, and following up to ensure the customers’ needs have been fulfilled.

Professional Excellence: Achieve success with our internal/external customers through both communication and work products.

The County of El Dorado is an EEO/ADA employer and a drug-free workplace.

The County of El Dorado is committed to providing and maintaining a drug- free workplace in accord with the Drug Free Work Place Act of 1988. It is understood that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in the workplace and that violations of this provision would subject the employee to disciplinary action. Every reasonable effort will be made to inform employees about the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace, the availability of any counseling or rehabilitation, as well as the Employee Assistance Program, and that disciplinary action may be imposed upon employees for drug abuse violations occurring in the workplace or affecting work performance.

Equal Employment Opportunity