SNAP-Ed/CalFresh Healthy Living

SNAP Education

SNAP-Ed (Nutrition Education) is an evidence-based program that helps people lead healthier lives. SNAP-Ed Nutrition Education teaches people using or eligible for SNAP about good nutrition and how to make their food dollars stretch further. SNAP-Ed participants also learn to integrate some physically active steps into their daily lives.

Community Partnerships

SNAP-Ed works by building partnerships with all types of community organizations.

Through direct educational classes, social marketing campaigns, and policy work, the SNAP-Ed Program strives to improve the policies, systems, and the environment of the community.

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Would you like to learn more about SNAP-Ed Nutrition basics? Please call: (530) 621-6105.

CalFresh Program

The state of California provides programs for low-income people to receive the nutrition they need to live healthy and nutritious lives. The CalFresh Program (formally called Food Stamps) is a program that helps low-income Californians purchase food.


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